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Correct understanding of stainless steel kitchenware out of consumer misunderstanding

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Catering utensils and people's health can be described as closely related, because they are in contact with food is the most closely. Recently reported a brand of stainless steel vessels failed, there is excessive content of manganese, nickel content is not up to the problem. This has led to a high degree of concern for the quality of stainless steel utensils. It is reported that a lot of controversy with the manganese content, not only the famous brand of cooker Supor pushed to the cusp above, but also led to consumers of stainless steel cookware safety concerns and concerns.
The state of stainless steel products in the chromium, nickel, manganese and other trace elements are the provisions and standards, too high or too low will not work. When using stainless steel products, there are many considerations, such as try not to let acidic, alkaline or salty foods such as soup, leftovers and other long time to stay in stainless steel cookware, stainless steel is not suitable as a salt, soy sauce, vinegar And other spices containers, because the above foods contain a lot of electrolyte, if the long time in full bloom, stainless steel in the metal elements will be associated with chemical reactions.
You may be interested in research: luggage manufacturing medicine and cosmetics cocoon silk metal cookware infant and child care supplies wisdom mall pet supplies and services dry batteries alcohol circulation pet supplies and services metal cookers infant care supplies medicine makeup dry batteries cocoon silk more >> If stainless steel cookware is used for cooking, be careful not to burn. Stainless steel cookware than iron products, aluminum products, low thermal conductivity, heat transfer time is slow, empty burning will cause the surface of chrome chrome layer aging, shedding, leading to metal elements precipitation. Also avoid the use of stainless steel pot pot of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine contains alkaloids, organic acids and other ingredients, it is difficult to avoid chemical reactions with metal elements to generate harmful compounds.
Now on the market a wide variety of kitchen utensils dazzling. In addition to stainless steel kitchen utensils, the commonly used are aluminum, iron, ceramics and other materials, kitchen utensils, each with advantages and disadvantages. As the accumulation of aluminum in the human body too much, will speed up people's aging, the memory also has some adverse effects, aluminum kitchen utensils have been gradually eliminated.
The price of stainless steel products is determined by the cost of making the material. Qualified stainless steel products will not be too cheap. The stall will often play a very low price to attract consumers. In fact, most of them are shoddy products. Even with non-edible grade stainless steel material made, so consumers do not seek cheap to avoid damage to health.
According to the prospective industry research institute released "China's metal cookware manufacturing industry demand and investment forecast analysis report" shows: different kitchen utensils in the cooking process will release different elements, these elements will have different effects on the body. Any of which excessive elements will cause damage to the human body, therefore, a variety of kitchen utensils should be used to protect the safety of our diet.


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